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Cornish and Devon Rex Cats

Breeder of Quality kittens in the UK

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Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S35 1SB

0114 2403306

Our Cattery, is situated one mile from Junction 35 of the M1 

 All kittens are born and reared in our home, are used to children and dogs and are lively, fun loving little babies, craving for attention and will love you forever.  They are naturally curious and instantly alert to rustles and anything new. These nosey cats will insist on looking into the shopping bags and remove everything you put in the bin (if you let them). A cat who craves human companionship and approval, will give you pleasure beyond belief

 We regularly have kittens born, please feel free to contact me for details of kittens available or pending litters



We are also the home of Takeshi Siamese and Orientals



We Have Kittens!!

Cornish Rex Kittens Born 13th February

More Cornish Rex Kittens Due 4th March

Devon Rex Kittens Planned for 2014





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